Another Day Another Date

I hope y’all made it through Monday. I know my day was pretty slow but I also got to leave work a little early so no complaints! Yesterday I gave you some snippets on a few aspects of my life and today I am going to dive a little more into the dating world.  First off, let me say that I am trying to always find the hummer in each and every bad date meanwhile holding hope on those rare good ones.

Valentines day I went on a fantastic date with a guy. He was so funny and wonderful and I really had high hopes. We then saw each other once a week until last Wednesday when he announced he could not see me any more because he liked me too much and could see us getting serious and he really did not want to get serious with anyone. (Insert largest eye roll here). To say this bummed me out is an understatement but at the same time I am glad he decided this before months in and I really got hurt.

Even though I did really like guy 1, I was still going on dates with others in the event that the above happened. (go me) Two weeks ago I meet a guy at a bar that brought along his friend. Yes, he brought his friend to our date.They then proceeded for the next hour to compete for my attention and asking me questions and interrupting each other. I tried to laugh it off until the guy I was on a date with left and his friend stayed. Red Flag. At this point I am really wondering what is going on. I then begin to just talk to him and he informed me that he was the real one that was supposed to meet me. “You see, I am shy and find it hard to meet girls so I came along with him. He also already has met someone he really likes.” My response was you need to leave because this is weird. He left. I cannot make this stuff up.

This Saturday I met a very handsome ex military guy that I really thought was going to be fun. Wrong. He proceeded to discuss his ex and ask about mine. He continuously poked fun at me about where I am from and just random stuff I said. Okay, fine, I get it but maybe not every five seconds. He then told me about a time he beat someone up with brass knuckles. This is when I really began to wonder. We met his friend at another place and boxing was on. He then got really strange and could not stop talking about it. I do not plan on seeing him again, but the free drinks were nice. Thanks dude!

I did meet a very nice guy last night so fingers crossed!

I will continue to update you on my ever evolving dating life because what else is there to do but laugh and enjoy the ride.

Have funny stories of your own, share them with me!!! Dating is hard but we are in this together!

– XO – BM

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