A Little Monday Update

Hello y’all!!!! I feel like it has been forever but I have been a bit busy. I wanted to give you a quick few updates that I will dive into more in later dates.

  • I finished my half at 2:16 minutes!!! This was one of the hardest things I have ever done mentally but I made it and so did my friend. I am beyond proud of us and I will go into more details later with what I learned, what I would change and all that.
  • Like I have stated before I am officially dating again and had a bit of a set back last week.  I finally met someone I really liked but Wednesday he told me he really liked me but was not ready to full on date someone. As much as it hurt to hear and still really stinks, I am so glad he was honest and did not drag me along. Again, more on all this later. This is what I am reminded of though… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y22oWiplTIs
  • My trip to New Orleans was by far one of the best ever! Having my parents there, seeing my best friends and accomplishing something I thought I could not do was magic.  I have so many pictures to share with a few little spots you should go on your next trip.

I know this was not enough but I will update on all this week! Until then, I found the above note this morning and it is such a good reminder. Sometimes, we just have to tell our inner self to shut the hell up. Have a great Monday!!!!

– XO – BM

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