Happy Valentines Day!!

If no one has told you yet, HAPPY LOVE DAY!!! No matter what your relationship status is, today is a day to celebrate love. Self, romantic, friend, family or wine! I absolutely love this day of the year because there is something in the air. Seeing men and women with flowers, holding hands or just smiles on their face makes my heart so happy. If you are one of those that hates today, try to remember others do and keep it to yourself. Or maybe you forgot that it is not all about romance. Self love is also a huge part of today. I plan on treating myself to a nice bottle of wine, mac and cheese and the winter olympics all while cuddling with Magnolia. Sounds like a fantastic Valentines day to me! Also remember there are those in this world that really need to feel some love, so shoot your best friend, family member or anyone a text, email or a wave to spread the love. Cheers to everyone because we all deserve love today and everyday!

– XO – BM