Joie de Vivre

Hello you beautiful Friday! This week was a bit of a drag so I am ready for the weekend and to be able to read on my couch, watch the winter Olympics and cuddle with Magnolia.  It is pretty cold here and supposed to rain so perfect stay in weather. I plan on also organizing a bit to get things back in order in my closets.  Below is what made me laugh or I just found interesting this week.

  • If you are not following Gary Janetti on Instagram you are missing out. I laugh out loud every time there is a new post. It is so good.
  • Getting in my order of The Ordinary skin products! I have started to use them and I really like them but I need to research more on how to layer each to make them effect. More to come! Here is the article that made me hit the buy button.
  • Today is National Pizza day!!! Guess that means I will be eating pizza while watching the opening of the Olympics.
  • Getting back out into the dating world is off to a bumpy start but I am reminding myself that this is my dating journey and I cannot compare and contrast my life to anyone else.

I hope you are having a great morning and will continue to smile and laugh throughout the weekend.  Enjoy yourself and Go Team USA!!!!

– XO – BM

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