Joie de Vivre

Oh hello Friday! We are here and I am HAPPY! I hope you all had a great week. I know mine was pretty great! I added daily affirmations, daily exercise and just a good state of mind and it made all the difference. I have a birthday party tomorrow night and nothing Sunday so this should be a great weekend. Here are a few things that helped me make it to today!

  • I am going to talk about this a lot, so get ready, but I received my passport this week and I feel like a new person! Y’all, I can travel the WORLD!! Suggestions welcome!
  • Discovering a good use for my Notes section in my phone by writing a daily affirmation to continue to look at throughout the day.
  • Saying goodby to January because it was a LONG one.
  • Watching episode 2 of RuPaul’s All Star Season 3.

I hope you take a look back at your week and remember a few things that made you smile. Have a great weekend!

– XO – BM