Hello February

January has FINALLY come and gone. I do not know about you but it felt like it dragged by and I mean dragged but a new day and month is upon us! I love February for many reasons!  It is the month where love is celebrated among everyone, it is the last month of my half marathon training and it is MY BIRTHDAY MONTH!! Needless to say I am pretty pumped about all three of those things but to be honest, I am most excited about finishing up my training and getting to finally run the race in March. I am working on a goal list for this month to keep with me in my daily journal and wanted to share a few things I have in mind.

  • Do not miss any work out. (I can see the finish line so keep pushing)
  • In my notes on my phone, write daily affirmations to look at throughout the day
  • Save $400.00 this month or stop frivolous spending
  • Read at least 4 books
  • Yesterday my passport came in the mail so I want to begin planning my first out of the country trip. Even if it is just to Canada.

That is all I have so far and should take up most of my time but I will continue to add throughout the day and maybe even write down a few I accomplish throughout the month I did not know I wanted to. A new month, a new day a new hour all allows us a chance to restart and recharge. I am excited to jump into this new month and I hope you are too. If you have goals, share them! I might need to add one or two to my list. Happy February y’all!

– XO – BM