Seeing The Big Picture

We made it to Tuesday! That means we only have four more days until the weekend!!

Today I wanted to discuss something that has been weighing on me for the past two weeks and a big reason why I needed a time out last week. It is the idea of “fitness perfection”. Social media is such an incredible place to encourage, learn and share journey’s with each other but sometimes, it can be the worst. I follow along one particular bloggers Instagram and she is such an inspiration yet she gets after it, no joke, every. single. day. This is amazing, for her but for me not so much. But as I saw how she was just killing it, it made me wonder what is wrong with me. Why couldn’t I hang out on Friday’s and then wake up ready to run Saturday morning and then, she revealed a few things about herself. One was that she does not drink, at all. This is such a great thing for her but in my world, I love to have a glass/bottle of wine Friday night or have drinks with co-workers because that is what I like to do and I have no dietary restrictions that say I cannot.  I say all this to remind you and me that social media tells one story but not the big picture. Is she a fitness inspiration, yes! But now that I know a bit more about her back ground and her life it makes it easier for me to remember, hey, I am doing pretty good with my fitness journey! Is it perfect in my eyes, no but a year ago I was sitting on my couch every night not doing anything. Big change! I wanted to share this to remind everyone that what you see is not always as it seems and we should use others to support and encourage but not compete with us. Use social media as a tool instead of another voice inside your head saying negative things. Your life is yours and only you know what is best…and maybe your doctor.

Have a great Tuesday!

– XO – BM