Last Week’s Life Time Out

Happy Monday! I hope y’all had a great weekend. I was feeling under the weather so I stayed in to get better. Man oh man do I feel excited for this week because last week, I was off. Everything was just wrong and for whatever reason I just could not get it together. But yesterday I got up, ran and cleaned my house and BOOM, I feel rejuvenated.

I wanted to take time today to just remind y’all that it is okay to take a week off from life. It is okay to feel your feelings. It is okay to spend time with yourself. But remember that you cannot live there. Always keep fighting to get out of the depression or whatever it is you feel because being happy is much more fun. Did I stay in this state of mind a little longer than I wish I did, yes but I am feeling happy, excited and full of heart today so it was worth it. Sometimes you just have to take a time out, feel the feelings and then fight like hell to beat those feelings down and remind your self that you are a fantastic!

I hope your week is not starting off like mine last week but if it is, that is okay. I hope you take time for you and then join me next Monday in celebrating the ups and the downs. If you have a self remedy for getting out of a down week, share them in the comments and I will post them for others to see. Take care of yourself this week!!

– XO – BM