Joie de Vivre

It is Friday and the weather here is pretty great after such a harsh few days. As I sit here on my couch with two little fur balls I feel so grateful for my home.  Here are a few things that made my week!

  • I applied for a Passport yesterday. Guys, I really hope everything goes okay because I think it will arrive right around my birthday! Where should I go first?!
  • Having such a rough few days with a lot going on in my head and then just having it all click. There is nothing better than feeling crazed and then the light bulb come on.
  • Getting to keep one of Magnolia’s best friends this weekend! They love each other.

I hope you had a great week or that you can look back and see a few things that made it a little better.  Ill be curled up on my couch watching The Five and reading but I hope you all enjoy yourselves!

– XO – BM