A Thank You Note

It has been a while and I hope you are all doing well.

There is nothing I can say to describe how fast my family has lost two wonderful people other than what someone said which was just how fast (4 months) one house was full of life and now sits empty. At Christmas I had two loving grandparents, granted one did have alzheimer’s but was still at home and the other was in perfect health. Now, one is in a nursing home and the other is with his Lord. I know how lucky I am to know my grandparents, trust me, that does not take away how it feels to have such major changes happen so fast.

This past month I spent with my family, by my grandfather’s side. It was one of the hardest and most beautiful one’s I have ever had.  I watched as a community of family and friends said goodbye to a man that impacted them all in one way or another.  To see so many celebrate and morn the life of my grandfather was overwhelming and one of the most lovely displays I have ever seen.  To those in my hometown I say thank you.  Thank you for the food, the words of comfort but most importantly thank you for the love.  I would also like to thank my friends that reached out to check in and share their sorrow for me and my family, you know who you are so I do not need to name you.  Lastly to my family, I love you all and thank you all for your support, love, laughter and comfort even when you felt the same. The days ahead are not easy ones but lucky for us we have a big, wonderful and funny family to keep us laughing and remembering the best days not the worst.  I leave you with a quote from a note a family friend sent me because I think it speaks volumes:

“Those we love are always with us – Their laughter and their wisdom, their advice and thoughtfulness are gifts of love that are ours to keep. May the gifts of your loved one help console you now and fill your heart with memories that will always comfort you.”

– XO – BM