My New Mantra

As I sit here watching the sad news and my Twitter feed feel with angry people it is hard not to feel like crap.  All around me from my family to the streets of D.C. is bad news and sometimes even worse news.  I am finding it harder and harder to feel motivated and eggar to wake up and get going. Not to mention it is so hot outside that no matter how “cute” I try to be it is pointless. Ugh, summer sometimes. So there in lies the dilemma I am sure a lot of people find themselves in, how can I change my attitude and perspective in a world that is geared toward hate, anger and sadness.  As I was writing in my journal after hearing even worse news, I concluded the following:

I must trust that what is happening is happening for a reason and I should focus on figuring that reason out and realizing this is not meant to break me, but to build me up if I let it.  I also remind myself that life is precious and today we are here but tomorrow we may not be so I must live and not crumble to the weight of my life. Does this mean I woke up today ready to take on the world? No, but I did wake up, get up, get dressed and got moving.

 I know life has ups and downs but no matter where I am in life I must remember to trust and to live.  Maybe this mantra will help you maybe it will encourage you to find your own but no matter what I hope reading this reminds us all to find something today to make waking up worth it. I think mine will be a nice long walk outside. What will yours be?

– XO – BM