Sunday Prep Work

Sunday’s are a mix of t.v., a run and at home meal prep for me. I will admit that these past two Sunday’s I have been lazy and so I have meal prepped on Monday’s instead.  I only meal prep my lunches so that once I get home I can figure out what I am in the mood for. I eat pretty semi-bland lunches, which I am trying to fix, so dinners I try to add a little something. My go to at the moment is baked chicken, seamed broccoli, carrots and brown rice.  Not only is it filling but pretty healthy. I am looking into healthy and filling options but for now this has worked! If you have any meal prep suggestions, send them my way. Any slow-cocker options are very welcomed since that is such an easy way to plan for the week.  What do you do on Sunday’s to prep for better eating or a healthier lifestyle?

– XO – BM