Debt Free is the Way to Be

I love new things more just as much as the next person but for the past year I have bought nothing except new furniture for my apartment and that was because I had to. Because of this huge purchase I was $20,000 in debt with my credit cards.  The anxiety I have had since last year is real.  With my tax return, a gift from someone, dog sitting and watching everything I spend I can now say I am debt free. Boy does it feel good!! I cannot remember a time when I saw a 0 for what I owe on my credit card bills.  Was it easy? No. Was it fun? No. Do I regret not hitting up all the good sales and buying myself that new purse I need? No!

A few tips on how I got to being debt free:

  • I stopped spending money just to spend it.  When you are having a bad day or feel blah with your clothes or what not, go for a run or walk to get outside and clear your mind.
  • Write down EVERYTHING you spend. I have an Excel sheet that has my budget on one page and then a list of what I spend on the other. Everything I spend money on is in that list and then subtracted from my overall budget.
  • I got a side gig of dog sitting to bring in the extra cash I needed to help me out.  With rent and life my paycheck was not always enough to pay the amount I wanted to on my credit card bill so becoming a dog sitter was perfect! Magnolia loves it.
  • I downloaded the Digit app to help save money for me when I did not know I could save it. $20.00 here $10 there and before I knew it I had $400.00 saved. I have a post on this great app here!
  • Lastly, I remembered when times were tough and all I wanted was to shop the J.Crew sale of my financial goals and life goals in general. After remembering that I always chose to save the money rather than spend it.

I am overjoyed with what I have accomplished even if it meant restricting certain aspects of my life.  Thanks to my budget, extra money and self control I can now focus on saving money that I have neglected to do while paying off my cards.  If you are feeling the pressure from those lingering bills, I highly suggest sitting down, evaluating your budget and creating a goal.  Without goals we have nothing to work towards so write the goal down and go for it! You will thank yourself later when you look at that bank account and know YOU did that! Again, if you need guidance pick up Nicole Lapin’s Rich Bitch. I cannot say enough about her easy, hard truth guide. I may not be rich but I am working towards that goal!

– XO – BM