We Were the Lucky Ones by Georgia Hunter

I have never been so moved by a book as I was reading this harrowing story of one families fight to stay alive.  I will admit it took two weeks to get through the book simply because at times I would have to set it down in order to collect myself and my thoughts.  Each family member struggled in various different ways but what is really amazing about each of them is their drive to stay alive. Even in the bleakest of times, they each fought. They fought to find each other again, to sing and dance again as one.  I can not try to imagine what this family and many others went through, but I hope that I have just a small ounce of their spirit in my heart. That when horrible things happen, my first instinct will be to fight and not give up. And even if the darkness overtakes me for a while, I will be reminded that I cannot live like that. I hope I remember Bella’s words, “What matters, she tells herself, is that even on the hardest days, when the grief is so heavy she can barely breath, she must carry on. She must get up, get dressed, and go to work. She will take each day as it comes. She will keep moving.” (269)  The book is just simply incredible.  I have read many survival stories but this, this is heartbreakingly beautiful.  May we all hold our families closer and remember how lucky we are.

– XO – BM

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