What Does Home Feel Like To You?

When I think of home, I immediately think of my parents and the home I grew up in. I then think outside of that home to my grandparents, aunt, cousin all the way to the Piggly Wiggly I worked at during high school and that my best friends dad owns.  To me home is my parents for the most part but it is also the feeling of arriving at the four way stop, yes four way stop, and knowing that you have just entered a place of love.

Megan Miranda invites readers to discover how lead character Nicolette Farrell feels about home and how her definition of home changed through her life.  In a tale told backwards, All The Missing Girls will leave you engrossed in the story of two missing teenage girls.  Although one vanished years ago and the other weeks, their lives intersect at key points causing both their disappearances to include many of the same suspects.  With a love triangle, broken family and a small town that gossips too much, anyone that reads this book is bound to love it.  Find out what home means to Nicolette after she realizes you can never really leave behind a small town, only carry it with you until it brings you back.

Next up is The Dry by Jane Harper. I hope you read along with me! Comment below if you are and we might could start a book club!

– XO – BM