Sending My Love Through the Mail

“No one sends letter’s anymore” my boss said to me as I was in the process of writing a handwritten note to my grandmother. His statement is so true because why take time to write out a letter when you can send an email in an instant? Well the reason is a simple one, because the act of taking time out of your day to hand write how you feel is so much more meaningful than sending a quick note across the internet.

When my grandmother was placed in a nursing home, I knew that the day of calling her was gone so I invested in  these personalized note cards.  Each Monday or Tuesday I make it a point to write here about the past week or the weekend just to let her know she is never far from my thoughts. Note only do I find joy in taking the time to fully commit to thinking of her and sending her my love but I also can feel the joy she feels when the mail arrives at her room.  Who does not love mail especially when it comes from someone special?!  I challenge you to write a loved one a note once a week to surprise them or just remind them how much you love them. Sometimes a pen to paper can express more than a tongue and lips.  No matter how old you are, it always feels good to receive love through the mail.

– XO – BM