To See the Country One Must Ride the Rails

I have heard this saying many times in my life yet I still have not ventured out to “ride the rails”. Mostly because it would take me 24 hours to make it to Mississippi when I can get there in 5 on a plane but also because it looks boring. For those that came before us, the rails were all they knew besides a horse and buggy to get anywhere across country or just across the state.  For others, the rail rescued them from slavery and took them to freedom.

In The Underground Railroad, Colson Whitehead takes readers on a young slave girl, Cora’s journey to freedom through a literal underground railroad. Cora lives on a farm in Georgia where she is a slave on a family plantation where cotton is king. Her young life has not been easy and when she is presented with the opportunity to run, she takes it.  The reader rides along with Cora as she develops new relationships, new fears and realizes that no where in the South is safe.  Whitehead has created a  version of the intricate that saved so many lives yet cost many their lives as well. The rail to Cora’s freedom was paved with blood, sweat and tears and the reader will feel all the emotions this young woman deals with as she ventures away from the only life she knew into a new world. Pick up The Underground Railroad today and ride the rails with Cora.

– XO – BM

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