Joie de Vivre

Finally it is time for the pools to open and for me to get a little bit of sun! Happy Memorial Day weekend, ya’ll!  According to the weather channel it is supposed to rain and be gross all weekend so not fun but I am still looking forward to the long weekend.  Here are a few things I loved this week!

Discovering a new Netflix show brings me such joy! This week I devoured The Keepers like it was my last meal.  The first episodes let me wondering where this was headed and then BAM, you are hit with a hard turn. This documentary series is unlike anything I have ever seen. The courage and hard work from everyone involved leaves my heart with joy. Watch as soon as you can and be as touched as I was.

I also discovered the show Riverdale on Netflix. If you see the poster you probably think to yourself “oh great another stupid teen show with vampires or something.”. Well it is not and it is amazing. The story is about the murder of a missing teenager and how one small town can hold more secrets than inhabitants. I also love how romance is involved yet sex does not sell and foul language is not really used. It is hard to remember a time where teens were not drunk past episode 2 or having sexual relations past the first 30 minutes.  A breath of fresh air if you ask me! I also love the music in all the episodes. If you are going to be stuck inside, like me, this weekend I highly suggest checking out this show.

Not only do I sit around watching shows, but I do love to read too.  I have a few summer books that I am eager to begin but I am always searching for the new “it” book.  One of my favorite places to find my next story is through Reese Witherspoon. She always has such amazing recommendations and with pool and beach season upon us, who does not need suggestions on what to read?! Check out her book club’s Instagram for what she and others are reading. If you have suggestions, please send them my way by commenting!

I hope you all have a wonderful long weekend filled with loved ones, lots of food and maybe an adult beverage or two.

– XO – BM