Saving Money Has Never Been So Easy

As I have written before I have become pretty strategic and precise about my budget ever since reading Nicole Lapin’s Rich Bitch.  With my new found love for budgeting I have educated myself on the various apps that allow you to save money without thinking.  Digit is the app I chose and I could not be happier with it.  In a little over a month with saving through Digit it has saved me over $350.00. It has taken me many many months to save $400 and I am about to accomplish that without putting a single thought into how much I spend, don’t spend or need to set aside.  Digit takes a couple of days to analyze how you spend money and then begins to take out a certain amount that is catered to your spending habits. For me, I do not spend a lot during the week and try to spend less than $75 on the weekends so it has been taking out rather large amounts and at first it made me nervous but in reality you can put the money back into your account whenever you need it.  You can also add different categories to your savings account with Digit. For instance if you have a trip to save for, make a new savings “account” just for that.

If you are looking for a better way to save or just looking to save for an upcoming trip or whatever I highly suggest looking into Digit and if you sign up please use MY LINK because you will help me get $5 dollars! Help a sister out!!  Happy Saving!!

– XO – BM