“If you’re out on the road…”

What person does not know the song lyrics to “Where you Lead” the theme song to one of my all time favorite shows, The Gilmore Girls. When the reunion was finally announced I could not be more excited to finally see closure to a show that left so much up in the air. I mean, did Luke and Lorelai get together? What happened when Rory left? Did she become famous!? So many questions left unanswered and the world needed to know. Was I impressed by the reunion yes and no. Some of the story lines I found a bit hard to believe yet the beloved show still warmed my heart with each season.  When Lauren Graham announced that she would be releasing a book that opened the world of The Gilmore Girls and her journey as Lorelai Gilmore I knew I needed to read it.  Talking As Fast As I Can is one of the best autobiographical books in a long time.  I loved that while reading the words on each page I heard her voice reading them to me and I could see her big gestures and see her laughing.  Obviously some of it was a little annoying, like when she says hello to the entire cast of the Today show but that is her. I could see her fake waving as she is telling me this story from the comfort of my living room.  Not only was it very interesting to see where she came from and what led to her famous role but the advice she received and gives along the way is something I will take with me forever.  The two pieces of advice I will never forget is when James Patterson told her to “Keep going, keep going, keep going”. I mean that is so simple but such good advice. Whenever you feel overwhelmed just keep going because once you stop there is no telling if you will finish or not. She uses this line of encouragement in multiple aspects of her life and I think after you read her novel, you will too.  She also advises our generation to “look up”. “If you never look out the window of the subway car, how will you see the boats gliding by on the East River, or have an idea that only you could have? Just look up for no reason, just for a moment here and there, or maybe for an entire day once in a while.  Let the likes go unchecked and the quality of sleep go unnoticed.” I mean we all could use a good walk outside or car ride or whatever with out an electronic device or without anyone else to distract us.  Amazing things can happen if we take the time to let them. I hope you consider reading this funny, informative, easy and wonderful book by Lauren Graham.

– XO – BM