Shuffle, Play, Repeat

Sometimes you have to take a second and remind yourself that life is tough but it will always work out for the best.  Currently two of my best friends go home to their husbands while I go home to my dog.  Am I jealous, no, but kinda. Life deals people different cards but those cards Read More

Joie de Vivre

The end of the week is here and I must say it was not a terrible week.  The weather was not great but it is winter.  Here are a few things I enjoyed! I challenged myself last month to meet my goals on my Apple Watch each day. Did I succeed, no but I did Read More

Celebrating February at Your Desk or On Your Phone

Yesterday was the first day of February! I do not know about you but January felt like it was the longest month I have ever lived through. I am not sure there was a particular reason for that but I am glad to see it in my review. To celebrate the month of love, Lauren Read More

The Benefits of Coconut Oil

Most everyone has read about the trent of cooking with coconut oil but did you know you should also use it in your bathroom? About a year ago I began once a week treating my hair to an over night coconut oil treatment. I use the same oil that I cook with, rub it in Read More

Joie de Vivre

Friday we meet again.  I am happy to see you because I can feel a cold coming on which means I need my couch, dog, Netflix and hot lemon water.  This up and down with the weather really is messing with me.  Hopefully I can knock it out this weekend though. I have enjoyed being Read More

Instagram Make Over

Social media is the number one thing today and I am not great at it but practice makes perfect… or kinda.  A while back I read Thomas Berolzheimer’s blog post about making your Instagram account a brand instead of just something to post to.  (He is the husband of blogger Gal Meets Glam).  Not only Read More

Learning To Have Faith

This weekend left me feeling scared, excited, hopeful, nervous and a lot of other things. I have a feeling it left most people feeling about the same way.  Being pulled in so many different directions can leave a girl exhausted.  I recently signed up for a 30 day life challenge to reset my mind and Read More

Joie de Vivre

This has been such a long week for me for no reason at all other than I was lucky enough to work from home everyday except Wednesday.  Since I have been home I have been able to workout every day for as long as I want! That is so fun because the pressure is off Read More

In Light Of Recent Events

I do not know about you but I feel that the world is full of hate right now and I am truly bothered by it. I know there are a lot of opinions about what is going on in America and around the world but I wish we could all take a second to remember Read More

You Snooze You Lose

I have to be at work earlier than most which means my morning begins before the sun comes up.  Last year I found this incredibly annoying and would wait until the absolute last minute to get out of bed. That meant no working out, feeling tired all day and coming home wanting to get in Read More

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